First of all, we would like to thank you for visiting our church website.

We hope that you find what you were searching for. Community Baptist Church has a rich history spanning over 56 years of ministry in      Victoria, Texas. As a body of Christian believers, our focus is on learning, living, and sharing the Word of God through the grace and                power of God. We appreciate your time, and invite you to come and visit us in person during our church services.

Please Note.......

If you cannot attend our Sunday School Classes or our Sunday Worship Service at this time, we will have the Adult Sunday School lesson available live on FACEBOOK beginning at 9:45am, followed by the Worship Service at 10:55am.

Also, on our website at, on our Facebook page, on Apple Podcasts, or on our YouTube Channel on Monday morning!

Sunday School


Everyone is invited to our Sunday School classes every week at 9:45am.

We have classes from Nursery to Adults that give us all an opportunity to meet together and learn, discuss, and grow in our knowledge of God and His Word.

Our children's classes use the Answers in Genesis curriculum that takes them through the bible from the first book (Genesis), to the last book (Revelation).

Our Adult class finished its' series on Psalm 23 in December, and is currently going through the book of Romans

Our Youth Class just finished  going through the Sermon On The Mount series, and have started their study in the book of Romans.

We definitely have a class for you and your family, so we hope you will join us!

Book of the Month

Trinity and Creation explores scripture and the Reformed confession on the doctrine of creation as they relate to the triune God. When considering an act of God, it is important to understand the agent of the act in order to account properly for the act of the agent. Any faithful account of divine creation must ground its argument first in the God who creates.

This method of treating the doctrine of creation is displayed in this book. It will become clear to readers that understanding the nature of God is essential in order to account for what God does. It will also become clear that this is not a novel method of accounting for creation.

This book argues that not prioritizing theology proper in our accounting for creation is a recipe for theological novelty and, if unchecked, heresy. Trinity and Creation is offered to account for creatures given who God is, to display that its argument is firmly rooted in the Christian theological tradition, to address the views of some who (it will be argued) apply a faulty method when accounting for creatures, and to enhance readers' knowledge and worship of our triune God-- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Daily Bible Reading Plan

April 12 - April 18

  • 1 Samuel 9-12, Luke 14:7-24
  • 1 Samuel 13-14, Luke 14:25-15:10
  • 1 Samuel 15-17, Luke 15:11-32
  • 1 Samuel 18-19, Luke 16:1-13
  • 1 Samuel 20-21 Luke 16:14-31
  • 1 Samuel 22-26, Luke 17:1-18:14

For all daily Bible readings for April 2021, please click here!